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"Let’s bring agriculture to every corner of the planet. Welcome to the world of urban agriculture, welcome to Block Farms"

What are Block Farms?


Block Farms are urban farm modules of high production that work with hydroponic systems. You will be able to produce herbs, greens and even some fruits without the concern of meteorological conditions throughout the whole year.

We have to create new methods of agriculture that produce food with quality and maximum efficiency. We need to find excellence in agriculture.

We are a Company that has developed the Block farms’ project in order to bring agriculture to urban areas using hydroponics in a new and innovative way.
Meet us!
Block Farms' Team


Welcome to the world of urban agriculture!

Currently more than 80% of arable land is already in use (sources: FAO and NASA). There are also studies that say that by 2050 almost 80% of the Earths's population will live in the cities.


Block Farms huertos urbanos de alta producción
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