Block Farms

Block Farms are urban farm modules of high production that work with a hydroponic system. You will be able to produce herbs, greens, and even some fruits without the concern of meteorological conditions throughout the whole year. Thanks to the Block Farms’ modules, you will be able to grow fresh produce in any season and anywhere in the world, especially in an urban setting.

How does it work?

We use vertical growing towers.

LED lighting

Automatic control of different parameters: temperature, humidity and CO2

Automatic systems of fertilization and irrigation and  PH and EC control

You will be able to control your Block Farms from your computer or smartphone

What can I grow?

More than 100 different crops!

Vegetables & greens: lettuce (different types), tomatoes, arugula, chard, collards, cabbage, collard ...

Herbs: basil, cilantro, parsley, mint, oregano, lemongrass, thyme,  fennel ...

Fruits: strawberries.

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Who can use it?

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Where can I place it?

You can use it virtually anywhere on the planet due to its reduced energy and water requirements. Of course, in an urban environment: squares, gardens, shopping malls, pedestrian streets ... Thanks to its great adaptability, Block Farms can also provide an alternative and profitable usage for vacant or underused buildings, houses, industrial buildings and warehouses.

Outside the city, the Block Farms can be introduced in places with incompatible conditions for traditional agriculture. For example, places with extreme weather conditions, food shortages due to war zones, or even refugee camps...

What are the benefits?

Maximum efficiency in the use of water. Saving more than 90 %

More production in less space. 10 to 12 crop cycles per year

Consistent production no matter the weather conditions. Stable prices

Local products. Maximum efficiency. Lower economic and environmental costs

Easy to install and to operate.Controlled by distance. Data storage and analysis of the crops

You want a Block Farms?

Get started growing in an urban environment now! You are just a click away to do it....

Become an urban farmer and start growing in the city now!

Block Farms huerto urbano de alta producción
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